24 Elixir Gold


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By Scentstory

24 Elixir Gold: An exhilarating spicy sweet fragrance, a mysterious blend of Cardamom, saffron and honey on an underlying woody base, an Arabian wanderlust. I rose with the sun, carried away by an imperceptible scent flitting around in the warm desert breeze. I could feel the lightness of the sand under my feet and smell the spicy notes of the rosy dawn. I walked slowly toward the glittering dune, mesmerized by the finesse of the arabesques drawn in the sand. The fragrant night wind was a magician. 24 Elixir Gold was launched in 2015.



rose, saffron and honey while coconut, amber and vanilla add the exotic touch. Wood notes in the base, like Guajak- and Cedarwood, are playing a perfect part to balance the spicy, sweet top, making it a precious, long lasting fragrance for a glamorous day or night.


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