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How much Perfume Can You Take on a Plane?

Are you planning your next trip? Want to bring your favorite perfume collections with you? How much perfume can you take on a plane, though?

If it sounds like you, this article will help you. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has a limit on carrying liquid items during a flight. Usually, a person can carry up to 2 Kg or 2Ltr of aerosol release devices under several conditions.

This article breaks down all the crucial and related information you need to know about carrying liquid items such as perfume.

Let’s begin:

How much perfume can you take on a plane?

The TSA categorizes perfume under the standard liquid, like mouthwash, hair gel, etc. Meaning the standard rule for the liquid is also applied to the perfume.

Per their guidelines, there are two separate guidelines for carrying perfume:

  • Carry-on Bag: less than or equal to 100ml (3.4 oz) are allowed. Fortunately, the majority of fragrances come in the following bottle size ranges: 1.7 oz (50ml), 2.5 oz (75ml), or 3.4 oz (100ml). So you can carry them in a handbag.
  • Checked Bag: A person can bring about 3 Kg or 3 Ltr of liquid items, with each container not exceeding 0.5 kg or 500ml.

Again, there is a 3-1-1 rule, a separate protocol with inclusion in this ruling.

Here is how the 3-1-1 rule works:

  1. Only liquid bottles limited to 3.4 oz in size are permitted in carry-on luggage. 
  2. The items must be kept in a 1 quart (1 liter), 6 x 9 in. (15.24 x 22.86 cm), or 8 x 7 in. (20 x 17.5 cm) transparent and airtight plastic bag by the traveler.
  3. Each traveler can only bring one of these plastic shopping bags in their carry-on bag.

This implies that everything (liquid items) must be packed in a separate plastic bag, such as your toothbrush, mouthwash, liquid cosmetics, lotions, hair cream, hairspray, and similar items. If you only bring 1-2 bottles, you shouldn’t have trouble fitting them into your bag.

Should I take my perfume in my carry-on or my checked bag?

Well, it depends on the size of your perfume bottle. If it is greater than 3.4 oz (100 ml), then, you should take it in your checked bag.

Besides, if you have numerous items to pack and can’t get them accommodated in the plastic baggage in your carry-on, the best alternative is to carry them in your checked bag.

For instance, if you are a perfume lover with a wide collection of fragrances who requires to apply different variants each day, then it’s quite normal that you will need to pack these in both your checked bag and carry-on. Otherwise, you will not be able to carry them all together as there are limits as discussed above.

Is there any other option? Many people may say that suitcases can be one of the great options. But, according to varied experts, suitcases are a big no. Instead, placing and bringing your fragrances in your carry-on bag as much as possible is highly advisable. If further needed, you can go for the checked bags.

This is due to a few concerning factors, including

Most checked baggage goes missing

The biggest fear about carrying stuff in checked bags is there is always a risk of getting these bags missing. We often hear the news from people their bags got exchanged with another person. Well, it’s a misfortune though.

And sadly, that’s simply the way it goes. Perfume at its price and love for it, you will never want to lose it. So, to make sure it is stored in a safe place, the best is to keep them in your carry-on bags, as there will be no such risks of losing them.

Broken bottles

Another crucial reason not to carry perfumes in checked bags is that they are prone to sustain damage while transported. Even when they are packed neatly and securely, glass bottles are found to develop some cracks or get broken in checked bags.

This is where your carry-on bags can come in handy. Using it, you can rest assured that your perfume bottles will stay protected. In case anything happens, you will know the reasons and take necessary actions, unlike the checked bags.

Besides, depending on the vacation, it could also be quite challenging to include a set of perfumes in your checked bag, especially if you traveled in the winter.

Again,squeezing or putting the fancy and luxurious glass perfume bottles in a tight condition with them will only worsen the scenario.

In summary:

As long as the weight restriction is not exceeded, you are permitted to pack as many perfumes as will fit inside your checked bag. However, you must pack and carry any fragrance bottles greater than 3.4 oz (100ml) in your checked bag rather than your carry-on.

What if I don’t have enough space in my carry-on or my checked bag?

In case you don’t have enough room to carry stuff in your carry-on or checked bag, the ideal move is to skip buying or taking many fragrances this time. Instead, keep it for the next time. 

However, if you really need to wear perfume, despite not having a sufficient room, you might consider spending money on the travel spray. They are perfect for carrying and using while planning for a trip. As the name suggests, they are specifically designed as compact and portable perfume atomizers to be convenient for travelers on the go.

A travel spray typically weight between 0.3 and 0.5 oz (10 and 15 ml), being super sleek and small enough to fit comfortably in your carry-on. Apart from the travel-sized perfumes and trendy atomizers, you can even use decants and duty-free scents. They are also a great alternative to using perfumes while traveling on a plane.

Nowadays, most popular brands provide these travel-sized products at reasonable prices. As a result, anyone can buy and use them worry-free.

To Sum Up

You can bring 3.4 oz (100ml) perfume bottles in a handbag and around 3ltr perfume in your travel bag or checked bag.

Now that you know the answer to how much perfume you can take on a plane, make sure to follow them accordingly. So, you can carry your favorite perfume bottles conveniently and hassle-free anywhere on the go.

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