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How to make a perfume last longer on clothes

Who wouldn’t want to smell good all day? Applying your favorite fragrance can help, but you may have observed that many perfumes start to fade by midday.

This is most likely due to improper perfume application. Most people are unaware of ideal methods for applying scents that extend the longevity of a perfume.

Here, we’ll go over some best practices and advice for wearing and storing perfume to get the best result.

10 effective tricks to make a perfume last longer on clothes 

Here are some effective ways to make perfume last longer on clothes.

Moisturize first

There’s no alternative to applying moisturizer to your pulse points. It can let the aroma last longer by allowing easier absorption. You’ll surely leave a lasting impression if you use these methods.

Let the moisture sit for a long-lasting effect. Otherwise, your perfume will quickly evaporate if you skip this step.

Select the Prime Spot

Apply perfume on your pulse points. The wrists, inside the elbows, and the back of the ears are some of the main pulse points. These warm areas of your body will make perfume oils smell stronger.

If you wear clothing that exposes these areas, try the top of your back, just above the collarbone, and your neck. There are also a few other warm places where you can put scent on your body.

Avoid rubbing

Most people spray perfume behind their ears and rub their wrists together to spread the scent. While dividing one spray into two wrists is acceptable, delicately dab the fragrance rather than rub it on.

Rubbing causes the top notes to deteriorate more quickly, reducing the longevity of your perfume. The oils and chemicals will react due to the heat and friction produced, which will also affect or lessen the aroma.

Create scent layers

Besides the spray version, many perfumes feature body lotion and shower gel variants. If you try the complete set, the aroma will stay longer. It will also result in using less perfume, extending the bottle’s life.

The body lotion and shower gel’s aroma is less overpowering than perfume. Still, by layering scents and allowing them to absorb into your skin, your fragrance will linger longer and continue long after the effects of the perfume have faded.

Spray on your clothes

Perfume and sweat never go well together. So, avoid applying perfume to your skin when it’s very humid outside and you think you will spend less of the day indoors.

Instead, spray perfume over your clothing. However, use dark amber-colored scents with caution since they can ruin delicate fibers like silk or stain light-colored clothing.

Toss Away Old Perfume

Have you ever smelled an old scent when spritzing an antique perfume bottle? The fragrance is well beyond its prime; that wasn’t the original smell.

Perfume expiration dates differ– typically range from two to ten years. It’s probably time to throw away your perfume if it smells wrong, has changed color, or seems different.

Keep it in a cold and dry area

However, there are various techniques to extend the shelf life of your scent. Even though your perfume collection makes a great selfie on your dressing table, we advise you to be careful about them.

Your perfumes’ scents will change in the presence of light and humidity. So, place it in a cold, dry area.”

Absorb all of it

If you want a long-lasting fragrance, right after you step out of the shower is the perfect time to spritz yourself. The water droplets will capture and absorb the aroma molecules into your skin.



Applying scented lotion to your pulse points before spraying on the coordinating perfume will help it last longer if you’re in a rush and don’t have time for a shower. This will help the aroma cling to your skin and stop scent particles from dissipating into the air.

Spray on your hair

Due to its porous nature, hair can hold the scent longer than skin. However, we advise using it cautiously because most perfumes contain alcohol, which can dry out and harm your hair.

If you want to apply a regular perfume, the best technique is to spray some of it on your comb and softly brush it on your hair. Perfume oils and liquid perfumes are great options for this.

Add a powerful note

Look for scents that combine feminine notes with woodsy, animal or spicy ones rather than switching to cologne. We suggest clove, cedar wood, cypriol, and oud. 

Also, when you want your fragrance to last longer, the clever idea is to spray some cotton buds with it and store them in a sandwich bag.

Put the sandwich bag in your handbag and use it rather than carrying your perfume bottle. It’s handy and easy; just pull one out and rub it over your pulse spots whenever you need a touch-up.

Make your house smell great

Make it a practice to hang the desired smell throughout your home and maintain it to help your perfume remain longer on clothing. You might enjoy citrus fruits and want your perfume to have an orange theme, or you might prefer a seaside scent.

Whatever it is, let it alter how your house feels. The scent will be thoroughly absorbed when you reach for some clean clothes. You will also need to spray fewer perfumes.

Final words

Applying a perfume property can extend its longevity. According to experts, knowing your notes, layering techniques, and scent profiles are the keys to extending your perfume’s longevity. If all else fails, remember that you’re likely more accustomed to your distinctive aroma than others.

Others can sense your fragrance far more strongly than you can since they are not surrounded by it. Therefore, avoid drenching yourself in perfume only to make it last longer, and follow these tips to make it work!

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