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How to Choose the Right Perfume for Your Body Chemistry

How to Choose The Right Perfume for Your Body Chemistry

It is essential to feel confident whether you are inside or outside the house. Only good dress up and shoe are not the part of your get up. You also need to smell impressive to increase your self-esteem and grab the attention of people around you.

In this article, you will get to know how to choose the right perfume for your body chemistry. It is worth saying that everyone might know the wearing procedure of scent, but the selection process is still unknown to many. For people who are still facing difficulties to choose perfume, this one article is for them.

Therefore, read the whole information carefully as you are the one who will ultimately be benefited.

How to Choose The Right Perfume for Your Body Chemistry

There are several conditions to look at while selecting the right perfume for your body chemistry. You cannot just randomly pick a scent from a shop and buy it. Or you cannot use your best friend’s perfume to go on a show as you forgot your one at home.

Due to these, you can have a massive skin allergy as skin is a very sensitive part. Therefore, you need to check at least the major ingredients before buying or applying a perfume. Below you will find the complete guide to choose the right scent according to your body type.

Skin Type

Generally, our skin remains either dry or oily. By this, the moisture level of the skin can be determined. People with dry skin have fewer moisture levels. On the other hand, people with oily skin have more than a definite moisture level. So, you need to choose the perfume after knowing the type of your skin.

  • Dry: Perfumes tends to evaporate faster after you apply it on dry skin. So, it is ideal to use some oily ingredients before wearing the scent. It can be Vaseline or lotion. These products will help to lock the moisture of your skin. As a result, you can smell wonderful for the maximum time with high concentrated perfume.
  • Oily: Though oily skin is somewhat irritating, it can also be a blessing. Having oily skin means to have adequate moisture in the skin. So, you will not have to apply extra Vaseline or lotion to make it long-lasting, even choosing a soft fragrance.

PH Level

Our skin has a natural pH level, which is 4.7 to 5.75. But if someone’s pH level is less than this (acidic), then the scent will be hard to be absorbed on the skin. However, moisturize your skin daily after having a bath as that is the right time when the natural water of the skin can get adjust with the foreign aroma present in the body cream or lotion.


Our body remains somewhat hot as we are always in a rush. Additionally, depending on our mood, the temperature level of the body depends.

At night, as the weather remains low than the daytime, our body temperature also remains normal. It is ideal to wear high concentrated perfume at night and a low concentrated aroma in the daytime.

In a nutshell, wear a low concentrated scent at the office and use high concentrated perfume during ball parties, wedding occasions, and other functions.


Just like we trial shoes, dresses, ornaments, and more, it is also essential to trial perfumes while buying. But do not end up spraying 5 to 10 scents at a time. If you do this, you can never find your desired scent. Therefore, trial a few, and you will ultimately get the best one.

You need to choose the one that people will say great. Moreover, it needs to combine with the natural oil of your skin.


A fragrance has three notes- top note, middle note, and base note.

  • Top Notes: The first fragrance you smell after spraying perfume. It fades away fast.
  • Middle Notes: This aroma develops after the top note is fade.
  • Base Notes: This is the most intense fragrance that stays for a long time.

So, you need to know the number of notes used in the perfume to pick the perfect one for you.

To Conclude

Perfume is something that expresses our taste of choice. If you end up choosing a low or weird aromatic fragrance, the people around you will feel irritated. So, you need to be very careful while choosing one. But it is also not that much hard to pick if you know the perfect selecting procedure.

However, you have already known how to choose the right perfume for your body chemistry. It is more like a food item for your body to smell great throughout the day. You may also be judged if you select poor fragrance perfume.

So, take time to select the perfume that goes with your personality and get up. Your aroma is something that will make people remind of you whenever you are not around them.

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