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Best Azzaro Cologne Reviews for 2021

Best Azzaro Cologne Reviews

Picking up the perfect cologne for yourself or a loved one is a tricky business. We realize that, and that is why we are here with your favorite Azzaro cologne reviews.

Do not worry; we did extensive research to prepare a review as honestly as possible. As a result, we picked some Azzaro Colognes that are the best of 2021. Here is a list of products we have chosen:

  • Azzaro Wanted By Night
  • Azzaro The Most Wanted
  • Azzaro Wanted Tonic
  • Azzaro Wanted Girl
  • Azzaro Fun
  • Azzaro Wanted

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Wanted By Night


Wanted Azzaro


Fun Azzaro


Wanted Girl Azzaro


Wanted Tonic


The Most Wanted


Best Azzaro Cologne Review

Wanted By Night Review

Azzaro Wanted By Night is a perfume for men. It is one of the most popular Azzaro perfumes for men. Although launched in 2018, Wanted by night is still one of the bests in 2021.

The warm fragrance makes it hard not to notice the perfume. That is why even after three years of launching, it is the favorite pick of many. Lorris Azzaro’s sybaritic lifestyle of the 1970s is the inspiration behind the perfume.

The perfume is a blend of woody and spicy fragrances with a dash of fruity flavors. The unique mixture of wood, cinnamon, and mandarin makes it breathtaking. Wear it, and you will give the most refreshing vibe in the room.

When to wear? – Azzaro Wanted By Night is something you would like to wear at night. I guess you have already figured it from the name.

Which season is the best to wear, Azzaro Wanted By Night? – Although you can wear it during any season, it is the best pick for winter and fall.

The Most Wanted Review

Want to woo your loved one with your fragrance, man? Azzaro The Most Wanted is your pick. Believe it or not, the long-lasting, bold perfume is even a preferred choice by lovers.

The scent is known around for being sweet yet sexy. It is a fusion of cardamom and amber wood is a vibrant aroma. Another good thing about this perfume is it lasts for eight hours and even more.

I agree that it is a bit unconventional compared to other fragrances for men, but that makes it so special. If you wear the sweet and sexy junction, you will remain over the top all the time.

So, to leave a distinct mark of yourself, try this perfume.

When to wear? – Since the perfume has a high sweet tone, it is better to wear it at night.

Which season is best to wear, Azzaro The Most Wanted? – Spring, Fall, and Winter! Yes, the perfume is suitable for three out of four seasons.

Wanted Tonic Review

If you are looking for something that is not bold yet gives a sense of freshness, Azzaro Wanted Tonic is your pick. The perfume is a classic blend of lime and ginger fragrances with an essence of patchouli in it.

Given the release of this perfume in 2020, the scent came as a bit of a shock. Since these days, aquatic aromas are more popular. However, people love this new comeback of citric fragrance.

As these kinds of perfumes are very available these days, wearing them makes you noticeable. Therefore, if you want to be out of the box, you may try this. However, you may think as the aroma is not very trendy, people may not like it.

But believe it or not, citrus smell with a blend of ginger and patchouli never goes out of fashion.

When to wear? – As the fragrance is citrus, it is definitely day wear. The freshness of lime goes with daytime.

Which season is best to wear, Azzaro Most Tonic? – the aroma complements with the heat of Summer and the freshness of Spring.

Wanted Girl Review

For ages, the Amber floral fragrance has been a popular choice for women. But it gets better since Azzaro Wanted Girl is a fusion of amber, fruity, and floral fragrance. The perfume is a perfect symbol of your womanhood at the same time shows your boldness.

I believe this perfume is so unique because four different perfumers came together to make it. Believe it or not, that is a sporadic incident. This perfume gives a very happy and exhilarating vibe.

As a result, it a popular choice among women to wear on a first date or a casual meet-up. That is because the perfume helps you leave a distinct personality mark. So wear it today to express your joyful yet seductive personality and make the best use of it.

When to wear? – Believe it or not, the perfume is equally famous as day and nightwear.

Which season is best to wear, Azzaro Wanted Girl? – Winter, Spring, Fall! Even some people almost like fort percent even consider it for Summer. Thus, you can call it year-long wear safely.

Azzaro Fun Review

Azzaro Fun is a product for both men and women. So if you are looking for a go-to perfume, this is for you. The fruity essence of the cologne makes it refreshing. And as a result, it is acceptable for a wide range of audiences.

I would say it is a safe choice, and wearing it says you are a dependable person. The classic combo of blood-orange and woody aroma makes it lovable for everyone. Believe it or not, but perfume screams a lot about our personality.

And picking something that would express your funloving side at the same time dependable side is difficult. Luckily, Azzoro Fun solves that problem. Lastly, this perfume is suitable for both professional and casual gatherings.

When to wear? – the perfume is more famous for daytime usage.

Which season is best to wear, Azzaro Fun? – Spring and Summer mostly. However, twenty percent of people wear it during fall as well.

Azzaro Wanted Review

The perfect blend of spices and fruits made it possible for the product to remain popular even in 2021 after five years of release. It is a fusion of boldness of wood and spice and mildness of lavender and mint. It is an ideal gift for your man.

Who does not want her man to smell like magic? Besides, this Azzaro perfume is budget-friendly. All these specialities of this perfume make it a deserving candidate in the best Azzaro Cologne Review list.

When to wear? – the perfume is suitable for both day and night.

Which season is best to wear, Azzaro Wanted? – Any time of the year!


Azzaro fragrances are like a habit. Once you are in love with them, there is no going back. So I hope you know now which ones you will pick this year.

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