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Best winter Perfumes for Ladies

Fragrance can make you feel lifted, and it can remind you of some memories, or only it can make you smell good. People love to use perfumes in all seasons, including winter.

Both men and females like to use perfumes with a beautiful scent. However, the taste and smell may vary on the gender. Again, in different seasons, we use various fragrances, especially in winter.

Moreover, ladies has a fascination on the perfume, and I guess they use more perfume than woman. In this article, we discussed some best winter perfumes for ladies.

Why is it essential to Choose Best Perfume?

Just think you change your entire outfit when winter comes. The same goes for perfume. In summer, females like lighter and fruity fragrances, but in winter, most of the women alter into more strong flavor of scents such as- vanilla rose, etc.

If you are a regular user of perfume, then you will agree with me that anyone should change the scent with the change of seasons. Seasons have a prominent role in choosing perfume.

There are different kinds of perfume notes. Before buying any perfume, you should have an idea about perfume notes. Notes are the elements that create fragrance. The top, middle, and base note all work together to form the overall scent.

In the following part, I am going to discuss some best winter perfumes for women.

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudre

It is an attractive, slight scented perfume. It is manufactured in a pink bottle. The smell is velvety and powdery, which is mild but feminine.

It has Rose along with jasmine as its top notes, at its middle notes it has musk and has vetiver also cedar base notes.

Liz Earle Botanical Essence NO.15

It is warm and smooth on the skin and prepared with spicy pepper (pink pepper) mixed with cinnamon and a base of damask rose.

After the first spray, you will be fascinated by its pleasant smell. Among others, fifteen are the world’s most expensive botanical perfume.

Prada La Femme Intense

It is the perfect evening perfume. Whenever you use this, you will have a feeling that you are taking the smell of something new, and the scent won’t make you bore.

It has top floral notes, citrus orange as middle notes and deep sensual patchouli as base notes.

Jimmy Choo Fever

After applying this perfume, you will smell sexy. It is fascinating as well as warming.

It doesn’t have any hidden base notes rather it has a mature twist of raspberry notes. You will find black plum’s aroma in it also. And you can smell the same whole time after applying it.

ValeurAbsolue Perfume Sensuality

It is made with natural especially vegetarian ingredients, and each bottle is designed with semi-precious stone. The pink quartz of it radiates sensual energy.

If you are fond of floral fragrance that is not too girly, then this one is perfect for it. It has notes of rose and blond woods.

Vince Camuto Ciao

It has a soft aroma which makes it more feminine and maybe when first applied you will find it too sweet but will soften with time

It is a great everyday perfume that has strawberry as top notes. But you will get whiff of jasmine, rose when the perfume sits on the skin.


The perfume has sandalwood and vanilla base and these bases provide its lasting power. But the middle notes of peach and peony will amuse you.

Who like lighter fragrance, it is perfect for her, but because of lightness, she has to spray the perfume several time. Anyone can wear this all day long.

Burberry Blush

It belongs to the floral fragrance family. The aroma of apple, lemon, rose, and pomegranate in the perfume will make you feel about eating it.

It has floral base notes of rose and jasmine. This base notes add a feminine smell in it, which makes it sharp but also sweet aroma.

Gucci Bloom Nettare Di Fiori

It has one unusual top note, which is ginger. But very soon it turns into a floral scent. It is one expensive perfume.

Byredo Velvet Haze

Byredo is a Swedish luxury brand. Coconut water mixed with sweet-smelling ambretteis used as top notes of this perfume. At its middle notes, it has patchouli leaves,and wild musk create the base notes.


More substantial and spicier perfume give us warm feeling in winter, but if you use them in summer, it will probably give you suffocating feeling. Just like apparel, if you wear winter’s heavy clothes in summer, you won’t feel better.

As nature change with seasons, perfumes change too. In summer we often face hot weather and feel sweaty. At that time, we like to use fruit, floral, refreshing fragrance.

So, keep in mind what is giving you comfortableness in summer can’t work in the same way in winter. You should find perfume according to season.

Lastly, it all depends upon personal choice. After testing several perfumes in summer and winter, you will be able to choose which one is perfect for which season

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