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How to Use Solid Perfume: The Complete Guide

Solid perfume!! What the heck is that!!

This concept may sound unfamiliar because scents have long been associated with liquids and fluids. We often hear about perfumes, sprays, or fragrance oils. However, to your surprise, solid perfumes exist and have been for some time.

So what is solid perfume? Or, if you knew about it before, do you know how to use solid perfume?

Worry not! This article will explain to you about solid perfume and its usage. In the end, you’ll also know the differences between solid perfume and liquid perfume, like a body spray.

What is Solid Perfume?

Solid perfumes are composed of wax and essential oil, giving them a solid state. The Roman Empire, Pompeii, and Ancient Egypt all used solid fragrances.

Nowadays, people mostly use perfumes in liquid form. However, solid perfumes are returning since they include more natural chemicals than liquid scents. They also stay longer as they don’t evaporate faster like the liquid forms.

How to Use Solid Perfume in the Right Way?

If you’ve never used a solid perfume, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s know about some best ways to use solid perfumes.

Apply on the wrist

Your wrist is the most popular pulse point where you can apply perfume to help it linger longer. When you move your arms, the aroma will release and last throughout the day. You will need to sweep your finger across the base of your solid fragrance and run it down both wrists.

Use it on your neck

The neck is another typical location for perfume application. When you apply perfume to your neck, it lasts longer. Because solid perfumes do not dissipate, they tend to linger on you longer.

Apply it to your pulse points

Pulse points are an excellent location for applying solid scents. Aside from the wrists and neck, it can also be used behind the ears and elbows. The perfume works well with your body’s warmth.

Use it on your mustache, beard, and hair

You can use solid scents can on your cheeks and head hair. It is among the best strategies to enhance the effectiveness of solid perfumes. Because they contain natural substances, they can also lighten and condition your facial hair.

Apply it on cuticles, feet, and hands

Solid perfume can also be used on your wrists, feet, and cuticles. It can help moisturize your skin to function as a cuticle cream.

Most of these solid scents contain castor oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil in addition to other waxes, making them excellent moisturizers. During the winter, you can use your solid perfume as a lotion or cream to moisturize your skin.

What are the Benefits of Solid Perfume?

There are some benefits of solid perfumes. According to many comparisons, a solid cologne is preferable to a spray cologne.

However, the advantages do not stop there. Let’s learn about some other benefits in brief:


Solid perfume is skin-friendly, and it has natural ingredients in it. That’s why you can apply it directly to your skin. It hydrates and moisturizes your skin better than oud perfumes or agarwood. You can also use it easily on your cuticles and dry area.


Their small size and light weight make them an ideal option when we compare them to spray colognes. You can easily carry a solid cologne into your bag or pocket while traveling without causing too much inconvenience.

Also, you can carry it with you when you go on outdoor activities like hiking or backpacking trip that requires you to avoid heavy items.

On top of that, you can take this with you while flying on airlines. While most airlines prohibit carrying liquid forms of spray and colognes, having a solid cologne can be an ideal option in this case.


Since solid perfume contains waxy smells in a sturdy container, expect your solid colognes to last a long time. Again, if you put the cologne on the floor, it will not shatter or be damaged immediately. Rather, the metal tin canisters will retain the colognes securely in place. As a result, even if you toss your bags away, you can avoid leakage.

Difference Between Solid Perfume and Spray Perfume:

Due to their recent revival, solid perfumes have often been compared to spray perfumes. Indeed, they have the same purpose of providing you with the desired aroma. However, if we compare them, we may discover that one is superior to the other.

See our comparison table for more information on their differences and similarities. You may discover that a strong solid perfume is something you would like to explore.



Solid Perfume

Spray Perfume

Concentration level

Give more fragrance and more concentrated

Moderately concentrated and needs to be applied frequently

Absorption evel

Doesn’t absorb quickly

Absorb quickly

Usage duration

Heavy use goes around 2-3 months

Heavy use goes around a few weeks to months


Carriable to anywhere

Limitation in carriage


Handy, can take everywhere

Limitation in carrying because of a certain size


Last longer

Disappear quicker

Based on this comparison above, we can comprehend the differences between solid perfume and spray perfume. Your choice depends on your needs. However, both are effective in their way.

It’s just the user who decides to choose according to their convenience and wants. If you are yet to try the solid perfume, go for it to understand the difference.

Final Words

Perfumes are an everyday part of our lives. It freshens us as the sense of smell plays a very important role in changing the state of your mood and mind.

If you want fragrances to last longer and carry with you everywhere, nothing can be a better alteration than solid perfumes. Again, knowing the right way to apply can be more effective. If you have never tried one, try and explore its different fragrances. Hope you will love it!

Finally, we hope this article helps you understand the benefits and usage of solid perfumes.

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