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How to Make an Air Freshener for Your Car

How to make car air freshener

After returning from the last fishing session, I realized that my car smells pretty bad every time I go fishing. I often have to stay in my car for long, which made me wonder, “How to make car air fresheners to make my car smell fantastic.

I did a bit of research and came up with the easiest ways of making a car freshener by yourself. To make DIY air freshener, you will require a few things essential in all of these three methods, and there are some different materials.

How to make car air freshener [5 Easy steps]

There are some essential materials to make car air freshener that we need in all different DIY air freshener methods. Most of these materials can be found at home, or you can easily get them from stores or even order online.

The essential materials to make DIY car air fresheners are:

  • Fragrance oil
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors or crafting knife
  • Piece of strings or thread
  • Container
  • Crafting foam
  • Clip
  • Plastic bag

These are the materials that we need to make a DIY car air freshener for felt and foam. You can also use rubber or wooden clips or even bottle cork clips and put them inside a plastic bag to soak fragrance oil. And clip it on your car’s air conditioner.

But in our method, we would like to keep it a bit more straightforward. So let’s see what we have in our method of making DIY air freshener.

Small pouch air freshener

To make a small pouch air freshener we need few things. A small pouch air freshener can be hanged or kept by seats. These are easy to make and easy to use.

Materials for making small pouch air fresheners are:

  • Scissors
  • Lace
  • Cotton
  • Net wraps/ netted fabric
  • Fragrance oil

Step 1: Make cotton balls

In the first step, make some cotton balls. You can get a stack of cotton from which you can tear a piece and make it look round. Or there, you can also use the makeup removing foams or pad for it.

Step 2: Apply fragrance oil to the cotton

Whether you got cotton balls or makeup pads, it does not matter. Now it is time to apply fragrance oil to the cotton or the pad. So choose your favorite fragrance. My favorite is lemongrass. You can now apply a few drops of fragrance with your cotton and make it soak the oil properly.

Important note: You can find favored aromatic fragrance oil in the beauty store or even Walmart. You can also order them from the internet.

Step 3: Make pouches

Now it is time to make the pouches with the netted material. Cut square pieces of the netted fabric or net wrapping. Make sure the square pieces are big enough to contain the cotton ball inside.

If you want to put one cotton ball mixed with fragrance, then fine. But if you’re going to put multiple, then make sure the square piece is big enough.Put the cotton ball or the makeup pad at the center of the net. Now wrap the cotton with the net and make it look like a pouch.

Step 4: Close the pouch with the lace or ribbon

Once you make the netted wrap look like a pouch while keeping the cotton ball inside, now it’s time to close the pouch. You can close the pouch with the lace or ribbon with a knot. Tie it well but make sure there is an extended part of the lace or the ribbon so that you can hang it with the extended part.

Step 5: Appy more fragrance oil to the pouch

Apply a bit of fragrance oil over the net pouch so that the outer portion of your air freshening pouch also smells great. After applying fragrance to the outer part, the air fresheners are ready for use.

Important note: You can also use these air fresheners in your room or your drawers to make places smell good. If you have drawers where you put clothes, then your clothes will also smell like it.

Final Word

A good smell can improve your mood, and a good mood is essential for a productive day. And a productive day just not only helps you to grow in your personal life, but that contribution is allowing the whole nation to grow.

Like this butterfly effect, a good scent plays many other vital roles in our life that we don’t even realize. Now that you know how to make car air freshener at home by yourself, you can easily make one and make your car smell great. You can also change the flavors.

We hope all this information is helpful to you, and if it is, you can also share it with your loved one. Have a great day.

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