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How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils

How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils

“The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart…and hopefully someone else’s” there no other word in the world that can explain the significance of perfume in your life. By the way, actress Elizabeth Taylor said it once.

It is not always essential to break your savings and buy some of the most insanely expensive perfumes. A few drops of essential oil with alcohol can do the magic for you.

Let’s dive in to know how you can make Perfume with Essential Oils.

Things to Know Beforehand

Before you start playing with the essences of nature, knowing a few things will be handy. These will guide you through mixing and matching your favourite essentials oils and making the perfect perfume.

Order of ‘Essential’ Oils is Essential

Every perfume should have three tones of essential oils in it. It may sound surprising to some of you, but yes, oils need to be used in the order.

First comes the base tone. You need to use the most robust scent as the base. This will be revealed at the last while keeping the other two afloat in the air.

The middle tone adds warmth in the mixture and stays for the longest time. Typically this is the long-lasting scent that makes the impression of any perfume.

Top tones are for instant fragrance, but they will disappear quickly. You can compare it to the sales pitch for any perfumes.

Darker means Deeper

Use a dark colour glass bottle to store the perfumes made from essential oils. A dark colour will save the delicate chemical components from heat and light. On the other hand, glass ensures very low to almost no reaction with the oils.

Does it make sense why all the essential oils come in a dark colour bottle? I was also surprised after knowing the fact.

Let it be Meld

Perfume is like a steak. You can devour it immediately. However, it’s best to wait and let the seasoning do the magic.

Let the oils mix and Meld before you use the perfume. The more time it will take to meld them, the more vibrant the smell will be. Patience always pays, even with the perfume!

After all, Essential oils have benefits.

How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils

When you know your oils, the magic is already in your grip. Now you have to mix them in order and make the most fabulous fragrance for you or someone special.

Build the Base (Note)

It’s a century-old tradition to use earthy tones as the base of the perfume. Even the world-famous perfumers use it in the most expensive perfumes. So why not you?

The amount of base tone depends on how much you want the note to last. Typically, staying between 5 to 20% of your blend produces the best outcome.

Here are a few suggestions from the leading perfumery houses

  • Freshness and Energy – Orange, Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit
  • Calm and Cool – Peppermint, Lavender
  • Romance – Rose, Lavender

Mix with the Middle (Note)

You already know this is the warmth of your perfume. This will last longer and will make a long-lasting impression on the mind and body. Typically, middle notes contain the most significant portion of your blend and range between 50 to 80%.

Most perfumer lovers prefer to have a floral scent as a middle note. However, you can pick any suitable scent of your choice.

What we have learned from veteran perfumers is

  • Freshness and Energy – Ginger Oil
  • Calm and Cool – Ylang Ylang
  • Romance – Lime

Top it up

Now it’s time to spice up your perfume with the most vibrant fragrance. This will be the first impression of your blend with short but sturdy punches on the nostrils. So, pick the oil that will go best with the base and middle note.

This is the part where you can be most creative. You can make the blend full of diverse surprises or can go for a smooth, silky ride. Soft notes followed by the strong ones create both diversity and spice up the experience. In contrast, notes of almost similar strength ensure a peaceful transition.

You can pick any to top up our taste of essential oils

  • Freshness and Energy – Vetiver Oil
  • Calm and Cool – Chamomile
  • Romance – Cedar Wood

Be Playful with the Perfume

There is no hard and fast rule for perfumery. You are the magician here and can create any magic blends with your favorite oils. Sometimes, a messed up blend too!

There is nothing to get disheartened with any blunder here. Unless you are playful with the fragrances, there will be no excellent outcomes.

You can mix and match floral scent with some non-floral aromas like vanilla or sandalwood. Otherwise, it can stink to any particular strain of scents.

As we said before, the blend can be a mix of surprises or can be a silky smooth journey towards tranquility.

Alcohol will go a Long Way

No blend will stay long unless you use a fixative. Fixatives are chemicals that keep the tiny fragrant particles stick to your skin or clothing so that you smell superb.

Alcohol is the most common and inexpensive option as a fixative. They work great with almost any blend of essential oil without making any changes in the combination.

If your total blend is around 60 drops, use 3 to 4-oz of alcohol as a fixative. Commercial isopropyl alcohol doesn’t have any scent, and they will uphold the blend for long.

Nevertheless, you can be a little adventurous and use flavoured vodka, yes, people do it to make it the ‘fourth note. Try it with a small amount in the beginning. If you love it, be ready to answer you, spouse, why the liquor store bills are getting long?

Shake it to get Soaked in

After all the mixing and matching is done in the alcohol fixative, shake the mixture well. This is a crucial stage where the microscopic parts of the oil will react with each other to make the best blend for you.

Final Tips

Make sure you keep the mixture to settle down for at least a few hours before first use. As I told you before, patience pays, and you will see the outcome in the first drop of the perfume made from essential oils.

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