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How to Wear Perfume in Summer?


Did you know that your favourite perfume may not be suitable for the hot season? Does that mean that your application technique needs to be revised with the arrival of good weather?

Indeed, the sun and perfume do not always go well together! So if we want to avoid pushing our surroundings or end up with nasty irritations, it is better to learn right away How to Wear Perfume in Summer. Here are some tips.

Little is better

Do you usually spray 4-5 puffs of perfume before going to work? In the middle of July, it will be easy to cut in half if you want to stay away from headaches! Have a light hand, because “Less is better than too much,” especially when talking about perfume!

Where to apply it?

Avoid perfuming directly on the skin, as in a duo with the sun, you could end up with unpleasant irritations or nasty spots on your tanned skin.

Instead, choose from the following options:

  • Add perfume to your hairbrush for a mane with irresistible scents.
  • Launch a puff in the air, then enter this cloud by playing the starlet (it’s fun in addition to being productive!).
  • Perfume a piece of clothing, but never at all, never directly on the part in question! So that your hat, bikini, or evening dress is delicately scented, wrap it in a fabric on which you will have previously added a little of your perfume. Leave for at least 24 hours, put on and watch the heads spin!

Treat yourself to a new bottle

Summer is the perfect excuse to get started in beauty shopping because the heat alters the fragrances and can quickly intensify their smell. And rarely for the better!

So before becoming a real nightmare for your work colleagues, I suggest a trip to the pharmacy to find the new bottle who will make you capsize.

Do not panic! You will be able to find your other perfumes as soon as autumn returns.

Which notes to choose?

Once in front of the display, how do you know which fragrance will be best suited for the summer? Opt for a fresh, subtle, and vitamin scent! Citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit, orange), fresh flowers (lilac, peony, freesia, jasmine), various fruits (apple, pear, peach, berries, pineapple) without forgetting the coconut and everything that reminds you up close or by far the sea and the tropics!

Do not hesitate to opt for a perfume lighter, cheaper, and perfectly suited for the hot season.

Lotions, creams, powders and dry scented oils

You could also choose to set aside your precious bottle for a few months, replacing it with a deliciously scented cream or lotion to apply daily to hydrate yourself. As for them, the often subtly spangled powders will add a chic and feminine radiance to your cleavage. Scented by-products, such as dry oil, shower gel, or bubble bath, are also options to consider.

In summer, if it is preferable to adopt lighter formulas in terms of care and make-up, the same goes for fragrances. With the heat, it is better to put aside the perfumes with heady aromas, which do not mix well with the beach and the sun.

Final Words

Above all, avoid wearing a fragrance, as their high concentration of essential oils and alcohol (a photosensitising substance) can cause pathological skin reactions: redness, blistering, and brownish pigment spots that can ‘prove permanent.

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