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By Parfums de Marly

The influence of the mighty Byerley horse is possibly unparalleled in European history. A mighty warhorse, said to be born in a thunderstorm and thus unafraid of cannonfire, this noble stallion went on to found a prestigious lineage of victorious thoroughbred racehorses. Byerley the fragrance, a powerful but sophisticated mix of amber and woods, does honor to its namesake with a juice that announces the wearer as a person of great capability, and even more refined taste.

Byerley opens with a fresh, spicy top consisting of Parfums de Marly’s excellent sharp, juicy bergamot, and a wonderfully spiced cardamom. In the heart beats a steady and strong combination of fresh cedar and lightly smoky, nuanced gaiac wood, while the base of earthy vetiver and rich balsams results in an overall feel of substance and character that still maintains the fresh brightness of the opening. Byerley the stallion will be forever remembered for a variety of accomplishments; anyone wearing this enchanting elixir will be, as well.



Bergamot, cardamom, cedar, gaiac, vetiver java, balsams

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