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Should I spray Perfume on my Clothes or Skin?

Should I spray Perfume on my Clothes or Skin?

We all face the dilemma before going out. Where should I spray Perfume, on my clothes or skin? We will reveal the secret of where to put Perfume for a scented experience.

Fragrance essential oil in Perfume creates a pleasant scent. However, where you are spraying it, makes a difference in its staying power.

Before you pick your favourite scent from the perfume counter, let’s look at the places where you can put Perfume.

Spraying Perfume on Clothes

It is always convenient to put Perfume on your clothes. The shirt or dress you are wearing can be a great host for the floral fragrances of your signature scent.

The fibres of the clothes will absorb natural oils in the Perfume. However, the oil will dry up quickly. Thus, you will stop sensing the scent soon.

Applying Perfume on clothes may seem convenient, but they won’t last long. Some of the synthetic fibres may not even absorb the oil.

Spraying Perfume on Skin

Applying Eau de Toilette or any of your cherished fragrance is natural and long-lasting. Our skin makes a significant impact on the scent and keeps the fragrance stay longer

Skin humidity is one of the main factors that impact any fragrance. Water on the skin helps the scented oil molecules to dissipate and help them float on air. Hydrated skin helps to spread the scent than dry skin.

Why the scent in a perfume stays and spread longer than a fragrant body lotion? The reason is the pulse points. Continuous beating on specific pulse points helps the scent molecules float fast on the air.

On the contrary, lotions contain heavy fragrant molecules. The continuous beating does not help them to float.

Which one is better? Spraying scent on Skin or Clothes?

Both the ways of putting scent is equally convenient but different at effectiveness. As your skin and any clothing material are varying in texture and made so you will get different results.

If you are clothed with fancy outfits or specific dress code is required for a program, it is better to spry on the clothes. It will make sure the fragrance is limited to the clothes and fades away with time.

Some fragrances may come with a high concentration of scented oils. They may leave a mark on the light-coloured clothes. Thus, you have to be a little miser while putting them.

If you are lightly dressed and need the scent for a longer time, put it on the skin. It will ensure a continuous natural burst of fragrance. Besides, there will be no mark on the skin!

However, some essential oil can cause irritation to the skin. Make sure you know about any skin allergies before putting a new fragrance. If required, talk to your dermatologist.

Tips to Make Perfume Last Longer

When we buy a fragrance, we expect it to last longer. However, sometimes our expectations do not match with reality. Many factors can float the scent away.

We have rounded up some useful tips to make your most desired scent last longer. Famous perfumologists and aroma-therapists have helped us to compile them.

  • Stay hydrated to keep the scent longer on your skin
  • Put Perfume right after taking a shower. Moist skin means more fragrance
  • Try to use scents with a high concentration of fragrance oil
  • Mix heavy top note scents with a light fragrance
  • Put on less known pulse points like behind the knees, and ankles
  • Try not to rub your wrists after applying Perfume
  • Keep your fragrances away from direct light and heat

Now you do not have to face the dilemma of ‘where should I spray my perfume, on my clothes or skin.’

If you can choose the right scent, it will work equally on both.

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