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What Ingredient Makes Perfume Last Longer

What Ingredient Makes Perfume Last Longer

Like the others, you are also here to know what ingredient makes perfume last longer. Because if you keep spraying your perfume all day long, a bottle will not even last a month. Other than this, it is not a perfect solution to smell perfect.

You need to look for some specific ingredients in the list that will last longer. It can be either soft like floral or strong like oud. However, the taste can differ according to gender and choice. Take a moment to go through the article and to know the reasons behind their longevity.

What Ingredient Makes Perfume Last Longer

A typical dialogue that we hear every time while buying perfume “Ma’am/sir, all the perfumes in our store are long-lasting.” But this is not true all the time as their motive is to increase the sales. Moreover, most customers do not check the ingredients list before adding the perfume to their cart.

They just only take a smell of the perfume, do a patch test, or read reviews from some online platform, which can also be false. However, the ingredients in the perfume bottle decide whether it will be last longer or not. Below are some elements that you must need if you do not want to smell odd at the middle of your date, meeting, or any other functions.

1. Jasmine

The extract of Jasmine is one of the famous ingredients that is used in female perfumes. It is basically a white sweet-smelling flower. Moreover, it needs a lot of effort and hard work to collect the extract.

To make 1 milliliter of scent, you need to gather around 8000 Jasmine flowers. And that is why you probably ask the seller why this perfume is so expensive.

Therefore, if you want to smell rich and intense, look for the perfumes that have Jasmine in them. You can mostly wear it at night, as Jasmine is also known as the queen of the night.

However, the reason behind this name is Jasmine flower grows its rich scent at dark once the warmness of the day has settled down.

2. Oud

Oud is also one of the most expensive and desired elements for the perfume industry. Generally, it is an oil that can be collected from agarwood. However, it is known as black gold in the Middle East.

The smell of this wood is powerful because of the presence of an intoxicating musky odor in it. For several centuries, the perfume manufacturers of Southeast Asia and Middle East India have been using it, but now in the West, its use has increased to make both male and female scents.

However, other than agarwood, agalocha, Oudh, eaglewood, or aloes wood can also be used to make this fragrance. Furthermore, it is used in the base note. Therefore, if you are the one who likes woody and leathery smells, this would be added to your dressing table.

3. Cedarwood

This ingredient is mostly used in the base note of males’ perfume. Moreover, a great fragrance can be found when it is combined with citrus and floral notes. Besides, two types of Cedarwood are usually used in the perfume-making procedure. They are:

  • Atlas Cedarwood from Morocco, which is found in the Atlas Mountains. It has a warm, woody, and resinous smell.
  • Virginian Cedarwood from the US in Virginia. It has a dry smell and is used in the males’ colognes and aftershaves.

4. Sandalwood

Sandalwood has a sweet floral fragrance used as the top note. Users can experience a relaxing and calm effect from its extracted oil. Moreover, it can give a milky, rich oriental, classic, robust, woody, and creamy feeling.

However, there are some differences between the Indian, Australian, New Caledonian, and other Sandalwood varieties. The Indian Mysore Sandalwood is top graded, and the Australian and New Caledonian ones are more in the harsh aroma profile.

About 50% of female perfumes have Sandalwood’s, creamy sweetness. But males can also wear it without any doubt, and it is better to wear it during romantic functions.

The people who know perfumes well love Sandalwood as it can get mix with Lavender, Jasmine, black pepper, clove, galbanum, geranium, patchouli, and frankincense wonderfully.

5. Lavender

Lavender is mostly known for stimulating and calming purposes as it has a fresh and sweet floral smell. Moreover, in ancient times, 47 species of lavender flowers were used to get natural remedies.

As there are many species of this flower, its smell will differ based on the region they are growing. This is because the origin of the soil varies from one place to another.

For example, the French variety has a sweet fragrance, the Dutch version has a strong smell, and the hybrid one has a soothing effect. Both males and females can wear it as there is no gender specification for this ingredient. But, it is commonly used in males’ perfume and colognes.

It is in no way outdated and dull; instead, it has different profiles from

  • Peppery
  • Herbaceous
  • Misty and foggy
  • Green and smoky
  • Herbs and spices

6. Orange Blossom

It is a white-colored, tiny, and five petals flower formed by the OrangeBigarade, a bitter orange tree. However, it is a complex but beautiful perfume ingredient. It is used as the top note because of its citrus scent. Users can feel a welcoming, grace, cleanliness, calming, precarious, and uplifting effect after wearing it.

Moreover, citrus will remind you of fresh air and blissful nights. So, its floral counterpart is also complimented. As the natural extracts of it are quite costly, it also needs to mix up with synthetic ingredients. Those artificial ingredients are:

  • Anthranilate de Methyl
  • Aurantiol
  • Nerolidol

7. Leather

Leather is such an ingredient that is made from synthetic aldehydes, juniper, or birch tar. Users can experience both powerful and fresh odor. Therefore, it has that property to last long, and it is also costly.

The Bottom Line

People of all ages love to wear perfume because this makes them feel confident and impressive. Moreover, it is essential to use it not to get caught in any odd situations like smelling stinky in meetings or dates. But, it also will not be helpful if your thousand-dollar scent fades away within no time.

So, whenever you are going shopping to buy perfume, you need to check the ingredient list. Additionally, now you already know from the above what ingredient makes perfume last longer. Most of them are very common and found in every fragrance. You just need to see if you are allergic to any of them or not.

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