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The Truth About Why Cologne is So Expensive

why cologne is so expensive

Perfume is known as one of the greatest money-maker tools practically for every kind of trending fashion. Also, perfume is considered as a premier quality stuff. Cologne’s world is really different from any other sector, which is one of the reasons for its higher cost.

However, there are some other reasons why Cologne is so expensive all over the world. Before knowing this, let’s have a brief about Cologne. Thereafter, you can easily understand its exclusiveness.

What is Cologne?

People know Cologne as the mature form of perfume. Usually, Cologne seems so light while using it,and it smells natural and fresh. It will take about two to four percent of perfume oils combined in water and alcohol to make the Cologne.

In North America, people like to use Cologne, and it was famous for its strong fragrance. People can carry the scent of Cologne for about two hours. Visibly, nowadays it becomes quite popular among younger people.

How Much does Cologne Cost?

Usually, the price of Cologne comes to $100, but sometimes it goes to $1000. The bottle must be a designer bottle that accommodatesCologne. The smell is surely complex but worth it.

People get into a tough situation while putting a price on particular things like going to a beach, a party with friends on holiday, or dating. That same difficulty people find when they get to know about the economic value of some top rank colognes.

Here are some of the world-famous brands to have an idea about the price of a cologne.


It is an EAU DE fragrance that costs $305 ($89.71 per ounce). It is made from musk, oud wood, etc.


When people buy a creed spice and wood perfume, they have to spend $995 on it. The ingredients of this fragrance are pimento, cedarwood, bergamot, and patchouli.

Why is Cologne so expensive?

When people like a fragrance, no matter how the scent is marketed, they just use that perfume. Like this,” cologne” is marketing jargon made to turn American males psycho-emotional to wear the scent. There is nothing like gender-based fragrance. It is nothing but pure marketing.

Only 0.00001% of the world can afford a $3,000 Chanel shirt and so as to go for Cologne. This is the place from where the fame comes. So, perfume is one of the most expensive luxury brands for ordinary people.

When people buy Cologne, they actually pay for three things. Those are:

  1. For the juice(fragrance)
  2. For the marketing
  3. For the brand

Expensive Marketing:

Some companies in the world spend a huge amount of money on the marketing of their perfumes. Normally they target top-ranked celebrities and business magnets as their customer.

Some perfume brands follow this policy to sell their bottles of perfume. Some buyers may have lavished taste, and they are ready to pay the high price in terms of getting a covered designer bottle of something special.

Magnificent Packaging:

Perfumers of different brands know that mind-blowing packaging can boost sales because people are attracted to expensive designer bottles. For example, Baccarat, a French company, is famous for crystal, but the crystal bottles’ price added more value to the crystal.

To Summarize:

When we think of our favorite most expensive colognes, one question comes to mind why is it so expensive than others?

Then three things come first. Those are:

  1. The most important thing about perfume that people are concerned about is its ingredients. Some brands use very rare ingredients and make a unique fragrance. This thing is concerned when they put a price tag in the Cologne. Cologne is made from natural ingredients that can be a reason why it is so expensive.
  2. After ingredients, people go for the oil concentration in Cologne. EAU DE fragrance smells natural, and it is the most famous Cologne in the world for its long-lasting feature. It becomes famous because this brand gives importance to essential oils while making the Cologne.
  3. In the end, some important things play an important role in making Cologne the most expensive. Such as chances of brands’ ill-fame, marketing, design of the bottle, popularity, eventually, it costs so expensive without any valid reason. It is a disaster but a fact of life.


So what do you think? Why is Cologne so expensive? It is worth buying a Cologne for a valid reason, but you never go for one only because it is costly. Be wise and take the time to choose one for you.

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