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An Insight into Chanel Coromandel


Are you going to a party? A date? Or a business meeting? While going somewhere to attend any kind function, after dressing up for the event, little perfume completes the whole get up. Perfume makes you more presentable; in other words, give you confidence. Perfumes not only provides a pleasant presence, but a scent can create memory related to you in someone else’s mind, for which many people tend to use exclusive perfumes.

When it comes to exclusive perfumes, one brand that will always come into the search is Chanel. One of the luxurious collection of perfume by Chanel is Les Exclusifs de Chanel. In which you will find the Exotic Chanel Coromandel, which is a perfume loved by Coco Chanel herself so much that she used to decorate the wall of her Paris apartment with Chanel Coromandel.

Chanel Coromandel

Chanel is a brand known for exclusive high fashion and ready-to-wear clothes, luxury goods, and accessories for women, and for perfume, they are equally great. Chanel Coromandel is one of their exclusive product from the exotic collection of perfume Les Exclusifs De Chanel. The name Coromandel derived from the name of the exotic Chinese lacquered screens. 


Perfumer Jacques Polge designed  Coromandel with the bright amber notes of the Chanel Coromandal fragrance reveal the feeling of exotic, elegant charm. Dry notes of Incense and benzoin suspend the vibrant amber. Wooden harmonies give away the clarity and depth of its enchanting trace. 

Coromandel is an exotic woody – oriental perfume, mystical, and satisfied with diversity. This lively fragrance highlights notes of Patchouli, Frankincense, and benzoin—a smooth and sensual embrace.

Top Note

The top note consists of three exotic fragrances Citruses, Bitter Orange, Neroli. All of them have the same citrus smell.


Group type: Citrus Smell
Odour characteristic: Citrus fragrances add a class of hesperidin fruits of several species, like modified berries with a sturdy, leathery surface.

Bitter Orange

Group type: Citrus Smell
Odour characteristic: It is bitter tart citrus, identified as “bigarade.” It emits a strong aroma.

Group type: Citrus Smell
Odour type: Neroli adds a citrusy, affluent, lightly bitter note, with scents of honey blossom floral aspects and orange, refining fragrant of green.

Middle Note

The middle note consists of four fantastic aromas, Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli, Orris. The middle note is a more flowery and woody flavoured aroma, creating an excellent lively essence.

Group Type: White Flower
Odour characteristics: Jasmin fragrances are delicious, elite white floral that can be a bit more greener and fresher when synthesized in the lab.

Group Type: Flowers
Odour characteristics: Rose is the king of flowers and popular fragrance, which adds a lemony clean with various distinctions of powder with fruits or wood note, making it feminine, neat, and profoundly romantic.

Group type: Wood and Mosses
Odour characteristic: Patchouli is an exotic bush that grows mostly in India. Patchouli’s leaves produce the necessary oil of Patchouli. Patchouli fragrances are Sweet, dark, and earthy, woody rind and it is trendy in many combinations, particularly the modern woody floral musks. There are also fractal and synthetics extractions.

Group type: Flower
Odour characteristics: Orris fragrances are gritty, natural rooty smell, with a woody, subtle touch of the violet flower.

Base notes

The base note consists of 7 exclusive and exotic fragrances that have a mixture of resins, woody natural with the touch of spicy, sweetness. The base note includes Incense, Olibanum, Benzion, Woody notes, Musk, Vanilla, White chocolate.


Group Type: Resins and Balsams
Odour characteristics: Frankincense or Olibanum is commonly expressed by Incense in a list of fragrances. And another reference of Incense is a smoky note.

Group type: Olibanum, also referred to as Frankincense, is a clean balsamic, moderately green, spicy, and woody fragrance with a fruity touch on the top note.


Group Type: Resins and Balsams
Odour characteristics: Benzion provides a tender balsamic note that is suggestive of vanilla.

Woody notes
Group type: Wood and mosses
Odour characteristics: Woody note refers to fragrance notes from woody materials, trees, and some bushes like Patchouli or other grasses like vetiver.


Group type: Musk, Amber, Animalic Smell
Odour characteristics: There is a broad diversity of sources for musk fragrances, including natural ones and synthetic musks. Natural musks mainly collected from plants because deer musk is banned from acquiring and selling.  

Group type: Spices
Odour characteristics: Vanilla is the most popular fragrance note, known mostly for the synthetic variant vanillin, which is sweet and cosy, with a delightful feeling of baking cakes or cookie to it.

White Chocolate
Group type: Sweet and Gourmand Smell
Odour characteristics: White chocolate provides a less bitter and sweet chocolate note, with the touch of lactonic, creamy nuances.

Final verdict

The unique blend of all the superb fragrances makes the wonderful Chanel Coromandel. The lasting feature of Coromandel and the high sillage of the perfume created space for this perfume in the list of perfume lovers. Even for the critics, this highly rated perfume is one of the top rankers of Chanel. No one will regret getting this perfume because it ensures such quality.

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