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Feve Delicieuse


Perfume are scents that we use to make ourselves smell good. And a pleasant smell from our body not only make ourselves presentable but also soothe others and increase self-confidence. The use of perfume among us can go back to the age of 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamia, Indus civilization, Ancient Egypt, and also ancient Chinese culture and later refined by Romans and Arabs.

Now in this era, some brands produce perfumes of high quality. Many top brands are making fantastic perfumes that never fails to please the users. Christian Dior is one of the top-notch brands, creating products that ensure the highest grade and quality. And Feve Delicieuse is the name of one of the top-rated perfume of Dior. And in this article, we are going to tell you about Feve Delicieuse.

Feve Delicieuse

Feve Delicieuse is a famous perfume by Dior for women that got released in May 2015, Feve Delicious is part of the elite collection La Collection Privée. Feve Delicieuse has a base on Venezuelan tonka beans, called Fève Délicieuse. 

The in-house perfumer of Dior Francois Demachy designed the perfume as elegant, modern oriental- sweet-gourmand Harmony.

Feve Delicieuse was exclusively released in 2015, but it was out of the market until Dior re-released it in 2018.  The perfume is available in three different bottles of 120ml, 250ml, and 450ml.


Feve Delicieuse is a tonka bean dominant fragrance with a particular gourmand note with cacao, vanilla, caramel and last but not the least lavender. The unique combination of gourmand note with lavender is doubtlessly extraordinary as lavender on top and tonka bean in the base. 

Top notes


Group Type: Flower

Odour characteristics: Lavender provides a neat aromatic note along with, fresh spicy, green, and facets of liquorice.

Group Type: Greens and herbs
Odour characteristics: mint provides a delightful and chilling green note with peppery characters.

Group Type: Citrus Smell
Odour characteristics: Citrusy, tart & bitter, rich, slight note with the mellow spicy tone, mingled with refinements of aromatic elements and fruits providing an extraordinary fragrance by bergamot.

Middle notes

Group Type: Fruit, Nuts and Vegetables
Odour characteristics: Cherry provides a delicious and elegant fruity note with a subtle touch of almond.

Group Type: Flower
Odour characteristics: Freesia emits a refreshing, spicy gritty floral fragrance.

Group Type: White Flower
Odour characteristics: Jasmin fragrances are delicious, elite white floral that can be a bit more greener and fresher when synthesized in the lab.

Base notes


Group Type: Resins and Balsams
Odour characteristics: Benzion provides a tender balsamic note that is suggestive of vanilla.

Group Type: Sweet and gourmand smell
Odour characteristics: Carmel provides the flavour of candy-deep with a moving and vibrant, buttery lactonic and creamy note that enhances gourmand aromas also adds mildness to floral compositions.

Group Type: Wood and Mosses

Odour characteristics: Cader adds A soft woody note that comes from cedarwood. There are several synthetics smell like a cedar that are also in use.

Group Type: Spices
Odour characteristics: Cacao adds a mild spicy gourmand aroma with an amber, subtle touch of balsamic.

Tonka beans
Group Type: Spices
Odour characteristics: Tonka beans come from fruits of Dipteryx odorata, which is a native South and Central American tropical tree. Tonka seed holds 90% of coumarin. The odour differs from rich tobacco almond to green grassy.

Group Type: Musk, Amber and animalic smell
Odour characteristics: Leather provides a naturally or synthetically acquired note of sharp flavours, suggestive of leather goods and cured hides. It is usually rendered by birch tar or by synth isoquinolines or by birch tar.

Group Type: Wood and Mosses
Odour characteristics: Sandalwood produces a perfect oriental woodlike note, soft, firm, milky, sensual, with a green top note and a pleasant lasting scent.

Group type: Spices
Odour characteristics: Vanilla is the most popular fragrance note, known mostly for the synthetic variant vanillin, which is sweet and cosy, with a delightful feeling of baking cakes or cookie to it.

Group Type: Musk, Amber, Animalic smell
Odour characteristics: Milk adds a mild, cosy gourmand, with a less sweet note.

Group type: Sweet and Gourmand Smell
Odour characteristics: Praline adds a smooth synthetic harmony with a delicate, but strong fresh lactonic balsamic aroma.

Final verdict

Feve Delicieuse consists of a unique combination of milk vanilla, sandalwood and leather and much more for which it last much longer than usual perfume. And the combination of aromas and the result of the combination creates an excellent fragrance that has a top-rated review. 

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