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How Long Does Perfume Last If Unopened?

How Long does Perfume Last if Unopened

Did you end up buying perfume and place it in the closet without using it for several months? It is common when you forget about the new one while using the previous one. Therefore, in this article, you will get to know how long does perfume lasts unopened.

Perfume does not get expire like food items so fast. It takes a few years to reach its deadline to wear on the skin. When the lid remains completely close, the perfume’s alcohol cannot react with the surrounding oxygen. This is the exact reason your scent can last long when it is still in unopened condition.

To know in-depth, you need to keep reading below. Moreover, you will also get to know what to do with the date over perfume instead of throwing it.

How Long Does Perfume Last If Unopened?

Everything has an expiry date, so does perfume. Once it is open, it gets close to the deadline defined by the manufacturer. It can be 6 months, 12 months, or more, depending on the ingredients used and the concentration of the perfume.

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But the case is different if the perfume remains unopened. Generally, in the perfume shop, we see that the scents are kept fully intact not to get dragged to their expiry date faster. So, the self-life is between three to five years, and some are even more than ten years.

But if you are still confused, you can look at some factors after opening the perfume you bought 1 to 2 years before and kept packed.

See The Expiry Date

The first thing to look at is the expiry date of the perfume given by the company. If you have already opened it, you need to check the PAO number, which stands for “Period After Opening.” It remains either at the bottom of the jar or the back of the bottle. This specific number defines how many months this item can be used after opening the lid.

Moreover, if you are going to open the lid after several months of purchase, it is vital to check the complete information on the website. By this, you can get the exact date of manufacture and expiry.

Test The Smell

Even if the product has more self-time, it is also possible that the scent has turned into a vinegar-like smell. It is due to remaining unopened for a more extended period. You will obviously feel awkward after taking the fragrance close to your nose.

Apply on an Old Cloth

If you are still confused, you can apply it on an old cloth to see whether it has an odd smell or weird color or not. You should not use it on your skin after observing any of these symptoms. Our skin is very much sensitive. From a minor rash issue, a significant problem can be held.

Things to do With Expiry Perfume

It is not obvious that you will have to throw away the expired perfume at the dustbin. You can also make the best use of it with your innovative ideas. The ingredients of the scent are very beneficial to use on some other product. If you are also tense about what to do with the date over perfume, read the below points carefully.

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Remove Nail Polish

Girls like to have beautifully designed nails with nail polish. But after a few days, it starts to fade from one corner or middle of the nail. This interface looks really weird and indicates to repaint the nail. So, for the perfect finishing, it is essential to remove the old one.

Instead of buying a costly nail polish remover, you can simply use your expired perfume to make the work done. Take some cotton balls and dip them into the scent to get the product absorbed. Then simply rub it on the nails. You will see that the remaining nail polish will come off due to the presence of alcohol in the perfume.

Clean The Keyboard

It is also the perfume’s alcohol, which will help clean the dust off the keyboard efficiently. This solution will work exactly as the specific cleaner for the keyboard found in the market. Take a small piece of cloth, pour some perfume on it, and then wipe off the keyboard.

Clean The Mirrors

Mirrors are not mirrors when they are not clean and shining. So, if you notice that your mirrors are looking dirty, just grab the expired perfume bottle and spray it on the glass. Take a soft dry towel and wipe it all over it. Within no time, you will get new mirrors like never before.

To Conclude: How Long Does Perfume Last If Unopened?

Perfume is an essential product that must be present on your dressing table or closet without any doubt. It is something you might never forget to wear while stepping out of the house. However, you will feel uncomfortable if it is a sunny day instead of a winter day as it is obvious to stink more.

It is also obvious that you ran out of your favorite perfume and found an unopen but 1 to 2 years old purchased scent in your closet. That is why our article is about how long does perfume lasts unopened. You need to be careful before wearing such a fragrance to avoid any skin issues.

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