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How to Make Perfume Last All Day (Secret Tips)

How to Make Perfume Last All Day

Perfume is one of the cosmetics that we have to use everyday. You may forget to take your wallet but never forget to apply fragrance to smell good and attractive. But do you know how to make a perfume last all day?

The answer is very simple and easy. First, you will have to buy a scent with high concentration. Then you will surely have to apply some tricks to make it long-lasting. No matter what the manufacturers say about the durability of fragrance, it does not stay throughout the day.

Therefore, keep reading this article to make yourself benefited by smelling attractive and confident.

How to Make Perfume Last All Day Long

To make your aroma last all day long, there are some tips and tricks you surely need to follow. Below we are providing 14 possible and secret ways that work finely. Take some time to read, which will result in you smell excellent and attractive 24/7.

Apply after Having A Bath

The perfect time to apply fragrance is right after you have a bath. After taking off the excess water, our body yet remains somewhat wet. And in this condition, our body can absorb perfume faster. Once you finish applying the fragrance, wait for a couple of minutes to dry. Otherwise, it will get rubbed off by your cloth.

Moisturize Your Skin before Applying

There are many top-quality moisturizers available in the market. Choose the one that has no fragrance and an oil base. One of the best moisturizers is Vaseline. If you apply oily lotion underneath your scent, it will last for a fair amount of time without fading.

Make Sure to Spritz

Some people tend to spray the perfume into the air and walk through it to increase its coverage. You might feel pleasant at the moment, but it is a big no. It only results in losing your favorite fragrance and short-lived scent. Therefore, for a useful midday boost, spritz it in the correct place, which will certify your fragrance lasts long.

Apply to Pulse Points

Once you have known when to apply a scent, it is time to learn where to use perfume to make it long-lasting. There are some specific points on our body where the blood remains warm and focuses even after dressing up. These are inner wrists, neck, back of the ear, inner elbow, and back of knees.

Spray And Dab

Spray the perfume 6 to 7 times to the pulse points. Two on both sides of the neck, back of knees, behind your ears, and one on wrists. Then just dab with the other hand. Do not rub. This process only makes the scent fade away faster.

Store It in Dark and Cool Place

Many people store their perfume in the bathroom to get ready earlier. But it is a place where there are more temperature and humidity due to sunlight. This results in to break down of fragrance. So, it is ideal to store in a dark and cool place like a cupboard or closet.

Spray Perfume on Hairbrush

The direct application of perfume to your hair can dry out your hair due to the presence of alcohol in it. Instead, spray on your hairbrush and comb your hair. Remember, it should be done on dry hair. Other than that, to avoid all the confusions get fragrances that are specially designed for hair.

Do Not Shake The Perfume

Whether it is perfume or Coca-Cola, do not shake it before use. They are designed to stand still. So, if you shake the scent, additional air from outside will get into it, and ultimately quality will reduce. As a result, you will smell good for only a few minutes to an hour.

Buy High Concentration Perfume

The durability of a perfume depends on the type of fragrance you buy. There are basically three kinds of notes found in a bottle of scent. These are:

  • Top Notes: The first aroma you smell after spraying fragrance, which fades fast.
  • Middle Notes: The aroma that grows after the top note fades.
  • Base Notes: This is the most massive aroma that stays the longest.

For example, Eau de cologne, Eau de toilette, and body spray have a low concentration with top and middle notes. So they will not last long like base notes with high concentrated perfumes Eau de parfum and Extrait de parfum.

Keep Perfume in The Original Bottle

Some people like to store their perfumes in different and fancy bottles. While this may look classy, it will let air to soak your fragrance. It can also change its chemical makeup.

Carry Cotton Buds for Touch Up

Carrying your perfume bottle can be heavy, and you might also lose some of the product. Instead, carry some cotton buds dabbed with perfume in a plastic bag for touch-ups throughout the day. This procedure is effortless to make you smell good when you are even tired.

Use Other Products of Similar Scents

Another effective way to exploit your perfume is to buy products like body washes, lotions, and others of similar scents. Versace, Clean, Calvin Klein, and some other top brands offer identical products to enhance your perfume.

Utilize Every Last Droplet

Why would you waste even a drop of your favorite perfume? You can also utilize those last drops. Take an unscented body lotion and mix them with it. Now your moisturizer will smell like your favorite scent.

Layer Perfume

In the case of perfumes, less is more. But if you need to layer, go ahead. However, this procedure will make your scent finish faster. So, to avoid this, buy a base note and high concentrated perfume.

To Conclude

Hope this article helped you know about the secret tips on how to make a perfume last all day. There are a total of 14 tips if you have read properly. You can now go confidently anywhere at any time.

It is important to smell good and fresh, whether you are in school, office, or party. Both you and the person beside you may feel awkward if you smell the sweat. This may also make your self-esteem low.

Therefore, to avoid these situations, you should implement the above tips and tricks.

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