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Why Does Perfume Smell Different on Everyone

Perfume that smells different on everyone

Every person is carrying their own fragrance inside them, which is completely different from others. So, the human body and psychology affect the way a perfume smells. As everyone is different from others, so the same perfume can smell different between two people.

Along with, the pH value of people’s skin affects the way a perfume smells. As the scent’s interaction differs from person to person, it is certain to accept that a perfume’s myth can be smelt different between two people.

Reasons why Perfume Smells Different on Everyone

Humankind is a unique creature. There are several reasons why perfumes smell different on the human being.

  • The pH value of skin varies from person to person, affecting how a perfume smells on everyone.
  • Along with this, people’s diet, hormones, body temperature, and what kind of body lotion they are using can affect the way their fragrance is going to sit on their skin.
  • On the other side, changes in people’s humidity, age, sleep habits, work location can change the smells of their perfumes.

Things that Change the Fragrance:

  • Even fatigue and mood can influence how people’s perfumes smell. All these factors can weaken or strengthen the different notes as well as the smells of perfume.
  • Sometimes the condition of a person’s skin significantly affects the fragrance of a perfume. Such as, very dry or much oily skin can make a perfume smells different.
  • The products that we use daily, such as soap, moisturizer, shampoo, body lotion, and shower gel, can also influence the way how a perfume will smell.

Example of How Perfume Smells Differently:

Sometimes we see one of our friends is using perfume, and it smells so good. However, when we try the same perfume on us, it smells bad because it is unable to give us the same fragrance as it was on that friend. But it is a normal thing and happens with everyone all the time.

If people think that the perfume quality might have degraded or not the same variant or that friend suggested the wrong perfume, it is not like that. It is a little different story.

Perfumes tend to dissolve with our natural pheromones whenever we spray them on. Therefore it creates a whole new unique fragrance. It is similar yet different from the fragrance that we felt from one of our friends.

Fragrance Experts Opinion

The fragrance expert Michael Donovan said,

“I have been spritzing people with scent for over 20 years and smelling their skins afterward and have noted that certain skin types have certain properties when it comes to fragrance”.

Not only him but also there are many experts agreed upon this statement with different level of perspectives.

How to Choose the Right Perfume?

When it comes to select a perfume, you go to a fragrance counter to test. Before that, make sure you did not use oil or body lotion.

Avoid the tester strips that available at the perfume counter because these things will be confused you to get the original fragrance of the perfume.

If you want to get the original scent at that time, you have to spray the scent directly on your skin. Skin chemistry makes a perfume smell different on people. The reason behind that is chemical reaction takes place on the skin and lacks moisture on the skin.

Perfume of the same original brand and same quantity can smell the same yet different on two people. Perfume oxidizes differently on different people.

Final Words

Perfume usually smells different on others, so do perfume smells different on everyone. Sometimes to get the original scent of perfume as intact as possible, experts advise perfume on fabrics. Because in this way, perfume doesn’t mix with body heat, and skin fats cannot influence the fragrance.

However, experts mentioned paying attention to some fabrics such as silk, suede, and leather. These fabrics do not go well with perfume. After all that, people make so much effort to get the original scent, but the perfume will scent differently on every person.

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